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Empathic Handling

Bringing maximum quality to all basic are care procedures with people who experience learning difficulties and additional physical disabilities or other high dependency

Course Programme includes:

Course Details:

This course will be of interest to staff of all disciplines who work with adults and children with severe learning difficulties, including social services staff, teachers and assistants, nurses, staff from voluntary organisations, therapists and indeed parents and other carers. non-verbal signalling.

Underlying Philosophy of Course:

The course will include use of video examples. Comprehensive handouts will be given. Course members should expect to work in a warm, humorous and supportive atmosphere.I am flexible about group sizes. A staff group of fifty to sixty is can be accommodated as long as the building has appropriate space. It needs to be remembered that this course is designed to be delivered to a staff team within their workplace, using the workplace facilities during the activity sessions of the day.

This course if active and fun, but it should also be thought-provoking and technical.

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